Sheet Helper

To learn which pages of your layout go to which sheet and in which position. Useful application for graphic designers and for those who make their own publications with their own printers.


What's new in 2.1

German localization has been added to Sheet Helper.
Sheet sizes can be copied from the size list.


What's new in 2.0

Sheet Helper is free.
Sheet Helper is 64-bit.
Some small improvements.


What's new in 1.1

New localization: Greek.
Some small improvements.


What's new in 1.0

Universal binary.
You can set the starting page number.
Localizations: English, French (Assistant d'imposition), Finnish (Arkkiapuri).


What's new in 0.8

Several new sheet sizes added.
There is a new window, in which you can see all the sizes as sheets or tables and you can make comparisons between their sizes.
Some small bugs fixed.


What's new in 0.7

Improvements in printing.
The half sheets supported in some cases.



Sheet Helper 2.1

MacOS X 10.10–

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